Una nueva especie de Myophorella (Trigoniidae-Bivalvia) del Cretácico Inferior de Neuquén, Argentina

Héctor A. Leanza


A new species of Myophorella Bayle assigned to the subgenus Promyophorella Kobayashi & Tamura, and named M. (P.) garatei n. sp. is described in this paper. The new species occurs in the Agrio Formation Weaver, south of the Covunco creek, province of Neuquen, Argentina, and, according with its association with characteristic ammonites, the age is regarded as Early and Middle Hauterivian. The schematic sections of Cerro Negro and Cerro Mesa of Covunco illustrating the position of M. (P.) garatei n. sp. are offered. The subgenera Myophorella, Promyophorella and Haidaia are discussed, and accepted as belonging to the genus Myophorella Bayle. The new species shows close affinities with M. (M.) coihuicoensis (Weaver).

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