Las plantas fósiles de la Formación El Ratón (Pronvincia de San Juan)

Carlos L. Azcuy, Silvia N. Cesari, Mónica I. Longobucco


A group of fossil plants brought from the area of Calingasta (El Ratón Formation) is described. Lepidodendropsis sekondiensis Mensah & Chaloner, Diplotmema devonica (Freng.) nov. comb., ?Diplotmema dichotoma (Freng.) Wagner, Rhodea sp., ?Telangiopsis sp., some probably female pteridosperm fructifications and some megaspores were recognized. Except for the Lepidodendrales, the remaining elements of the flora have, as a whole, lyginopteridacean affinities. This is considered the first record of this group for the Carboniferous in our country. The taxonomic position and the chronologic value of the recognized taxa are discussed, and a late Early Carboniferous age is assigned to this association.

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