Los Crocodylia fósiles de la Argentina

Zulma Gasparini


A synopsis of the knowledge about fossil Crocodylia from Argentina is given. The Triassic Protosuchidae, the Jurassic Teleosauridae and Metriorhynchidae, the Cretaceous Notosuchidae, Baurusuchidae and Dolichochampsidae, and the Cenozoic Crocodylidae, Alligatoridae, Gavialidae and Sebecidae are analized. The distinguishing anatomical characters and the possible relationships with other Crocodylia are discussed for each group. The most important aspects of their geographic and stratigraphic distribution are also pointed out. The evolutionary history of Argentine Crocodylia is incompletely known, and the relationships between families are not well understood. The fossil Crocodylia, specially those with living representatives, are considered good indicators of specific environmental conditions.

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