Palinología de paleosuelos del Cuaternario de los alrededores de Lobería (Provincia de Buenos Aires, República Argentina)

Edgardo J. Romero, Celina A. Fernandez


"Pollen and spores from samples in a profil in Loberia, south of Buenos Aires Province, are described. They belong to La Postrera Formation, upper Pleistocene. The six lower samples were barren but the two uppermost ones, belonging to edaphic levels, were fertile. Dominant spores are those of Fungi (especially Rhizophagites butleri), Fteridophyta and Bryophyta. Algae (Trachelomonas sp.) are also present. Pollen grains are very scarce. This spectrum is indicative of differential destruction of pollen and spores, and later contributions of the soil flora during the time of soil development. The two uppermost
samples are slightly different from each other, probably because they belong to two different paleosols. At present, all the taxa found live in or may be transported to Buenos Aires Province.

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