Los paraconodontes del Cámbrico Superior del cerro Pelado, Precordillera de Mendoza, Argentina

Susana Heredia


In the Cerro Pelado range, southern Precordillera, two formal units crop out: Cerro Pelado Formation (Upper Cambrian) and El Relincho Formation (Upper Cambrian-Lower Ordovician). The 10- west levels of El Relincho Formation ha ve yielded upper Upper Cambrian conodonts. The following paraconodont species are described and illustrated in this paper: Furnishina asymmetrica Müller, F. bicarinata Müller, F. curoata Müller & Hinz, F. [urnishi Müller, F. primitiva Müller, F. quadraia Müller, F. d. quadrata Müller, F. ? sp., Hertzina elongaia Müller, lviuellercdns rarus (Müller), M. sp., Phakelodus tenuis (Müller), Problenuuoconites perforatus (Müller), Prooneotodus gallatini (Müller), P. roiundatus (Druce & [ones), P. sp., Prosaginodontus dahlmani (Müller), P. eureka (Müller), P. sp., Westergaardodina bicuspidata Müller and W. po/y"/Orplm Müller & Hinz. Proto and paraconodont elements constitute most of the found conodontofauna whereas euconodonts are scarce, although they allowed to date the bearing-Ievels as belonging to the Procouodont us tenuiserratus Zone and Proconodontus Zone (Eoconodontus notchpeakensis Subzone).

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