Tortugas continentales (Pleurodira: Chelidae) en la Formación Roca (Daniano), provincia de Río Negro, Argentina

Paula Bona, Susana Heredia, Marcelo De la Fuente


Roca Formation is a stratigraphic succession of marine and continental sediments
that belongs to Malargüe Group, which was deposited from the Late Campanian to the Danian in the
Neuquén Basin, western Argentina. Fossil vertebrates recovered at different outcroppings of this lithostratigraphic
unit correspond to marine taxa. The turtle material studied here was collected from the lower
section of Roca Formation (Maastrichtian?-Danian) in northeastern Lago Pelegrini (38º 40’ 06’’S, 67º 52’ 02’’
O), Rio Negro Province. Remains of carapace and plastron of continental turtles were assigned to indeterminate
chelid pleurodires and to Yaminuechelys cf. maior (Staesche, 1929). This record of chelid turtles in
Roca Formation confirms the existence of marine paleoenvironments with continental influence and represents
the first record of Danian continental vertebrates in the Neuquén Basin.

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