"Maderas gimnospérmicas de la Formación Carapacha (Pérmico), provincia de La Pampa, Argentina"

Alexandra Crisafulli, Alicia Lutz, Ricardo Melchor


"This paper describes four gyrnnosperms woods from the fluvial-Iacustrine Carapacha Formation
(Early Perrnian to early Late Permian) of La Pampa, Argentina. All the material was preserved as driftwood
in sandstone channel facies (mineralized by carbonates or silica) and associated with a G/ossopteris flora.
One specimen is referred to Sdicfiicaulia peripaiudica Mussa on account of the anatomical characters of
the pith, and primary and secondary xylem. Only secondary xylem is present in the remaining woods and
therefore they are assigned to three Araucarioxvlon species: A. allanii (Krausel) Maheshwari, A. kharhariense
(Maithy) Maheshwari and A. iamndtuense (Maithy) Maheshwari. In the analyzed material there is anatomical
evidence of humidity shortage during the life of these plants, which is in agreement with the sedimentologic
interpretation of the sedimentary sequence. These species were also recorded in the Permian
of Brazil, Antarctica, and India."

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