"Un nuevo saltasaurino (Sauropoda, Titanosauridae) de la provincia de Río Negro (Formación Allen, Cretácico Superior), Patagonia, Argentina"

Leonardo Salgado, Claudia Azpilicueta


"A new saltasaurine taxon based on a femur,
pelvic bones and dorsal and caudal vertebrae is described. The closest relationships of the new taxon
are with Saitasaurus loricatus Bonaparte and Powell from northwestem Argentina. These species share caudal
vertebrae bearing a ventral depression divided by a longitudinal septum. The record of Saltasaurinae
is thus limited to the Upper Cretaceous of Argentina, with three distinct taxa: Saliasaurus loricatus,
Neuquensaurus ausiralis Lyddeker and Rocasaurus muniozi n. gen., n. sp."

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