"Las Cycadophyta del Triásico de las Formaciones La Ternera y El Puquén (Chile)"

Rafael Herbst, Alejandro Troncoso


"Fossil cycadophyte
lea ves from three localities in northern Chile are described. They include four species of
Pscudoctcuis: P. iongunnnara Anderson and Anderson, P. harringtoniana Bonetti, P. muítilíneata (Shirley) nov.
comb., and P. lIlegnspntlllllata nov. sp.; also Pterophullum azacaraiei nov. sp. and a fragment assigned to d.
Cucadites sp. Except for the Quebrada La Cachivarita locality (area of Cerro La Ternera) where they are relatively
abundant, the Cycadophytes are rather scarce in the Chilean Triassic floras."

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