Nota Paleontológica. Palinomorfos cretácicos de la Formación Springhill en Estancia El Salitral, Patagonia austral, Argentina

Eduardo G. Ottone, María B. Aguirre-Urreta


"The Springhill Forrnation at Estancia El Salitral, Santa Cruz province, yields a distinctive palynologica!
assemblage of miospores and subordinate dinoflagellates. The occurrence of Muderongia staurotn
Sarjeant cincnd. Monteil together with several species such as Circulodinium distinctum Deflandre and
Cookson. Ivuiderongin crucis Neale and Sarjeant emend, Monteil, Oligosphaeriáíum complex (White) Davey
and Williams, and Susteniatopuom rosenjetdii Volkheimer and Sarjeant, previously quoted from equivalent
horizons at the Agrio Forrnation, Neuquén Basin, suggest a probable late early Hauterivian/early Barremian
ilge. A comparative analysis of dinoflagellates and arnrnonite occurrences points to the existence of
a marine link between the Austral and Neuquén basins."

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