Nuevos registros de Hyolitha (Mollusca?) del Paleozoico superior del Chubut, Argentina

M. Alejandra Pagani, Nora Sabattini, Arturo C. Taboada


A new species of Hyolithes Eichwald frorn the Perrnian of Tepuel-Genoa Basin is described and figured. Hyolithes patogoniensis nov. sp. is endemic and differs frorn other known species in the apical angle, size and absence of dorso-lateral bands. The affinities and stratigraphic and geographic distributions are discussed. Its relationships with Hyolithcs tuuosi Conzález y Sabattini and Hyolithes spp. from the Tepuel and Languiñeo Hills are analyzed. The records of new localities extend the geographic distribution of Hyolithes amosi.

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