Palinología de la Formación Chiquimil (Mioceno Superior), en Río Vallecito, provincia de Catamarca, Argentina. Parte 2. Polen

Lilia R. Mautino, Luisa M. Anzótegui


Systematic descriptions of 30 palynomorphs from the Miocene Chiquirnil Forrnation, at Río Vallecito Locality, are presented. This unit yield a terrestrial palynological association cornposed of Pinophyta and Magnoliophyta species. The rnost abundant Pinophyta are: Podocarpidites martoickii Couper, P. exiguus Harris, P. rugulosus Romero, P. elegans Romero, P. microreticutoidata Cookson and Equisetosporites noiensis (Cookson) Romero; and the Magnoliophyta species are: Granniditcs media (Cookson) Potonié, Craminidites sp., Cyperaceapollenites neogenicus Krutzsch and Tricolpites sp. Among thern Sparganiaceaepollenites delicata sp. nov. is probably related to Typhaceae and/or Sparganiaceae. This association suggests for the Upper Miocene Chiquimil Formation the existence of a marshy environment with xerophytic savannah and mountain forest vegetation.

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