Huevos de dinosaurios (Faveoloolithidae) del Cretácico Superior de la cuenca del Colorado, provincia de La Pampa, Argentina

Silvio Casadio, Teresa Manera, Ana Parras, Claudia L. Montalvo


Study of dinosaur eggshells from the fluvial sedimentary rocks of the Colorado Formation exposed in southeastern La Pampa (Argentina) allowed to refer them to Sphaerouum erbeni Mones. This oospecies is included in the oofamily Faveoloolithidae, due to the presence in the material of a filispherulitic structural morphology and a multicanaliculate pore system. However, contrary to other members of this oofamily, Sphaerotntm erbeni shows a compactituberculate ornamentation. In Uruguay and Patagonia, Sphaerouunt erbeni is known only from the Campanian-Maastrichtian, therefore it is a good biostratigraphic indicator for continental rocks of that age. Moreover, the high porosity of the eggshells suggests a high humidity hatching environment, thus, when found in situ, they are also important elements in paleoenvironmental analysis.

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