The rhynchonellide brachiopod Eocoelia in the Llandovery of Paraguay, Paraná basin

Juan L. Benedetto


On the basis of new material from the Llandoverian Vargas Peña Formation the generic status of the species Atrypina? paraguayensis Harrington is revised. Both external morphology and internal features support the previous attribution to Eocoelia by Amos and Boucot and led to reject its posterior assignation to Annbaia. The coexistence of 'early (e.g. coarse ornamentation) and 'advanced' (absence of dental plates) characters is suggestive of an early to intermedia te stage in the phylogenetic lineage of Eocoeiia and is consistent with a late Aeronian-early Telychian age for the Vargas Peña Formation.

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