Kurtziana Frenguelli (Pteridospermae? incertae sedis) y Aiicurana nov. gen. (Cycadopsida) del Triásico y Jurásico Temprano de Argentina y Chile

Rafael Herbst, Silvia Gnaedinger


The Triassic genus Kurrzinno Frenguelli is taxonomically studied and validated for vegetative fronds without cuticles. The two known species, K. cacueuiensis Frenguelli and K. brandmauri Frenguelli are discussed and their geographic distribution is given; a new species, K. paipotensis, is described frorn the Upper Triassic of Chile. The only specimen of K. cacneuiensis (LP-PB 11522) from the Early Jurassic which shows fragments of cuticle does not provide sufficient additional characters to ernend the genus as defined by Petriella and Arrondo, but it permits to state certain differences with Alicurana nov. gen. This material is he re referred to the new genus with a different specific narne. Specimens formerly in K. brandmauri with well preserved cuticles from the Early Jurassic Nestares Forrnation of Neuquén Province (Argentina) are transferred to the new genus Alicurana, based on their anatomical characters. The specific epithet brandmavri is retained for Kurtziana.

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