Biozonas de moluscos del Paleozoico superior de la Cuenca Tepuel-Genoa (Chubut, Argentina)

María Alejandra Pagani, Nora Sabattini


The composition and stratigraphic distribution of the molluscan fauna from Permian marine beds of the Tepuel-Genoa Basin (Chubut province) were analyzed using cluster analysis. The studied fauna consists of 107 taxa from -fossiliferous assernblages. Analysis was performed on bivalves, gastropods and cephalopods using the [accard sirnilarity coefficient and UPGMA clustering mode. As a result, three gastropod/bivalve biozones were recognized: Muorlonia sp. II - Puramus primigenius Assemblage Zone, Callitomaria tepuelensis-Streblochondria sp. Assemblage Zone and Euphemites chubutensis-Palaeoneilo aff. concentrica Assemblage Zone. For the cephalopods two biozones are proposed: Sueroceras irregulare Assemblage Zone and Moorcoceras zalaznrensis Assemblage Zone.

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