Marsupiales del Mioceno Superior de Caleufú (La Pampa, Argentina)

Alexandra Abello, Claudia I. Montalvo, Francisco J. Goin


Recent excavations in Upper Miocene levels of Cerro Azul Formation at Caleufú (La Pampa Province, Argentina) led to the recovery of around 2,000 mammal remains. Among them, 15 marsupial specimens are assignable to the following taxa: Didelphidae: Marmosinae indet. (one specimen); Didelphinae: Hyperdidelphys sp. (one specirnen); Didelphinae indet. (five specimens); Sparassocynidae: Sparassocunus sp. (two specimens); Argyrolagidae: Argyrolaglls sp. (six specimens). Fossils assigned to Hyperdidelphys sp., Sparassocunus sp., and Argyrolaglls sp. represent new species, not yet named. Their few known remains have generalized features as compared to the remaining species of each genus. In consequence, evidence from the marsupials of Caleufú do not agree with a Pliocene age for this fauna as previously suggested. Argyrolagus (indicative of open, eremic environments) is the most abundant marsupial so far recorded at Caleufú; the specimens here studied constitute the oldest record for this genus.

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