¿Saurópodos asiáticos en el Barremiense inferior (Cretácico Inferior) de España?

José Ignacio Canudo, José I. Ruiz-Omeñaca, José L. Barco, Rafael Royo Torres


We describe here three sauropod teeth from the Lower Cretaceous (lower Barremian) of La Cantalera (Josa, Teruel, Spain). The teeth are spoon-shaped with a lingual cingulum-like structure. The general morphology is closer to Camarasauridae, but the presence of cingular structure indicates a different group, more derived that this family, The problematic genus Euhelopus from the Upper Jurassic or Lower Cretaceous of China and some isolated teeth from the Lower Cretaceous of China, Russia and Mongolia are the only sauropods with similar teeth. We suggest the presence of a sauropod group in the Asian and European Early Cretaceous. This group is included in the family Euhelopodidae and the Titanosauriformes clade. This European - Asian Early Cretaceous geographic connection has been previously observed with mammals and ornithopod dinosaurs.

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